Long term survivor 

These are the words that you dream of hearing the minute you hear the words cancer, leukemia.

Yes, today marks 3 years without chemo thus Larry is a long term survivor!! 

This day is filled as life, with mixed emotions. 

Who would have known that on this same day 3 years ago a fellow ALL fighter would lose her fight and that this coming Saturday we will celebrate the birthday of our dear Dana Morgan, eating desert first ! 
I am struck by the 3% of separation as well as the new found blessing of friendship that is a family for us to celebrate all our future milestones !  
Larrry wanted today to be low key but also wanted to be sure to celebrate with his classmates that have been there every step of the way so I took lunch for all to share and celebrate. 

He is always reminded of those that stepped up, stepped in, and simply were a part off our activities of daily living in those early years.

Some of you are still involved, some have moved on, and others have moved out of Tucson. Whatever the case and circumstances we applaud you today and ask that  you know we are here today because of you. 

We are thriving because of your unconditional love at a time that we needed it ! Thank you. 

Celebrate YOU today. Hug those you care about a bit closer. Extend a kind word, gesture, or text to someone, and live with JOY ! Because to quote the survivor: Larry, “It is what it is, which is what you make it !” 


Be intentional 

Every time i hear this word I hear my Father saying do it well the first time 

Be intentional in what you are doing so you don’t have to do it again !

This is a banner cry…. Life is a journey and if we can look at this and our stage of life we can see how if we are intentional in each stage the next will only flurioush

Do you have a regret? 

I have one ….playing the piano. I fought, yelled, and disliked practicing thus i lost the priveldge of taking piano lessons. I agree this was the right decision of my folks, I regret my choice to not practice. 

I loved it and yet I chose not to do it anymore. I could pick it up now but have given into apathy.

Is there anything you use to love to do and you just don’t do anymore? 

It has been said that for us to give up and replace a habit it takes a teenager 2 weeks and an adult 2 years. I beleive that as it is so easy to fall back to old habits……to be intentional. 

Maybe I’ll take up piano again. 

What is yours? 


We have grown to celebrate simple moments that when the big ones come we want to scream from the rooftop!

That being said I am also keenly aware of the overwhelming feeling of not only feeling left out but being overlooked and my kid(s) not being picked, selected, awarded, or recognized

All that being said we had a pure JOY moment this week with Mia

Her basketball team made it to the championship for their division and won by one point

The team was great, the coach amazing and the fans energized

It was a great season

Mia played with GRIT

She had only played basketball one other time and even then it was only half time

This was her first full time commitment

She loved it and hopes to pla in high school

They had a sorts assembly for the spring sports

The coach presented the players choice award where all the players vote on one player and Mia won !!

Then she went on to describe her coaches choice winner and stated no one had ver won 2 awards in st michaels history but she had selected hers before the girls picked theirs so Mia Ronstadt

We were all crying

I cried for a few hours after

My tears are for her perseverance, independence, positive attitude, and overall Awesomeness 

As a parent you hope for one of these.

We are blessed to have it now

It is the assurance that we are on the right path, doing the right thing, and staying the course.

Yes we are very proud of Mia

This is and was all her!!! Mia  has said many times there is no award for the all around kid. You have to be the BEST at something to be recognized. 

Well Mia, St Michaels school, your teammates, your coach, and your peers just gave you the all around kid award !! Congratulations. 

Everything everything

Wow what a great book and what an amazing movie

Mia and I went. I highly recommend both. The book and the movie 

It stimulated the kind of conversation that you yearn for with a teenage daughter

About love between a girl and a boy, a man and woman, and a mother and a daughter

What would you do, not do, protect, justify, and close off for love

Five stars from us !!! 

Finding Joy

Today as I drove the kids to school I noticed other kids and their exchanges with their parents.

some hugged

some yelled

some didn’t even look back

some skipped

some smiled

some shuffled

some danced

What I found is that those that were positive were the kids and those that were negative were us, the parents. As a MOM, I hope that I equipped my kids as I say each day at drop off

Make it the best Larry day you can be

Make it the best Mia day you can be

meaning be the BEST You can be

why don’t we try as parents to try to be the BEST we can be too

they are only kids for such a short time and your life is short as well

make every day count




Enjoy and try to find us. We are flashed 6 different times. Enjoy photos from the inside tour. Thanks again LEGO and Make a Wish.


Sure, money can’t buy you love, but it’s hard to imagine that winning rewards won’t make us happy.

It does, researchers say, but only if our immediate expectations aren’t bigger than the size of the payoff. Disappointment squelches happiness.

“Your happiness increases only if you do better than you expected,” says Robb Rutledge, a neuroscientist and senior research associate at University College London. “Just having a bigger salary isn’t enough to make you happy.”

Editing Your Life’s Stories Can Create Happier Endings
Rutledge and his colleagues are trying to figure out how the brain calculates the determinants of happiness, which they think could be useful in diagnosing and treating depression and other mood disorders. To find this out, they first had 26 students play a decision-making game with small financial rewards.

An App On The Search For The Secret To Happiness
It turned out that the ultimate amount of money they won didn’t affect their happiness. Instead, it was much more dependent on expectations and rewards moment to moment as they played the game.

Then the researchers had tens of thousands of people play the game through the online Great Brain Experiment, which they created to see if free smartphone games could be used to crowdsource cognitive science. (They think that the large number of people participating compensates for the lack of controls.) It’s one of several efforts to use phone games in neuroscience.

Mapping Emotions On The Body: Love Makes Us Warm All Over
Using all that data, they were able to predict exactly how happy people would be as they played the game, based on the rewards they had just received and their expectations of winning or losing.

In other words, our brains are quickly recalculating our happiness levels as we go through the day.

Can Money Buy You Happiness?
“You can’t really make yourself happier by cheating the system,” Rutledge told Shots. “The best thing is for your expectations to be accurate.”

That’s because expectations affect happiness long before the reward. Looking forward to an evening out with friends, a job promotion or the birth of a child can bring great joy.

And though not overhyping may help prevent short-term disappointment, “It’s good to give people positive expectations,” Rutledge adds. “You don’t want your boss to expect nothing from you.”

The results were published o NPR in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Science, 9/08/2014.

I have chosen happiness, kindness, patience, empathy, smiling, forgiveness, and love as my core daily activities in dealing with others.
What have you chosen?