We have grown to celebrate simple moments that when the big ones come we want to scream from the rooftop!

That being said I am also keenly aware of the overwhelming feeling of not only feeling left out but being overlooked and my kid(s) not being picked, selected, awarded, or recognized

All that being said we had a pure JOY moment this week with Mia

Her basketball team made it to the championship for their division and won by one point

The team was great, the coach amazing and the fans energized

It was a great season

Mia played with GRIT

She had only played basketball one other time and even then it was only half time

This was her first full time commitment

She loved it and hopes to pla in high school

They had a sorts assembly for the spring sports

The coach presented the players choice award where all the players vote on one player and Mia won !!

Then she went on to describe her coaches choice winner and stated no one had ver won 2 awards in st michaels history but she had selected hers before the girls picked theirs so Mia Ronstadt

We were all crying

I cried for a few hours after

My tears are for her perseverance, independence, positive attitude, and overall Awesomeness 

As a parent you hope for one of these.

We are blessed to have it now

It is the assurance that we are on the right path, doing the right thing, and staying the course.

Yes we are very proud of Mia

This is and was all her!!! Mia  has said many times there is no award for the all around kid. You have to be the BEST at something to be recognized. 

Well Mia, St Michaels school, your teammates, your coach, and your peers just gave you the all around kid award !! Congratulations. 


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