You cannot land on the runway behind you ….

When I am on an airplane about to land, I realize I cannot see in front of me.

The pilot is the only one who knows how much runway we have left on which to land.

He takes advantage of that information, while those of us seated in the back can only wonder.

In life, we do not know how much runway of life we have left.

This reminded me that during our Larry cancer journey the experts: counselors, doctors, oncologist, etc., all only gave us enough information each time to keep us flying. Meaning they believe to know the landing pattern and the flight plan however they too don’t know how much runway on which they will land thus they only tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.

At times I became frustrated with this but was reminded that they, like the pilot, know the choices up ahead and they need to in a way protect me, just like the pilot doesn’t let us in.

We must trust those that are in the cock pit: whether  it is our doctor, attorney, insurance agent, financial consultant,  clergy, or……… there are times we cannot ‘know it all’ we must simply trust.

My trust is bigger in God, Jesus Christ, and I do believe that HE does know my runway.

I sure hope I am on the right flight plan to mamimzie His plan for my life.


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