This is a tough topic. 

When Larry was first diagnosed I consulted a friend who’s son had been through our journey and was thriving, how did she handle discipline? She simply answered, we didn’t. 

 It is so hard when you have a child on daily chemo with crazy side effects: sleepless nights, no eating, eating like crazy, bed wetting, foot pain, foot and hand numbness, and emotions that run the range from crying to anger to fear.

Then when they do something that warrants discipline……….you debate is this the chemo, side effect, manipulation, or actually disobedience. 

 Jeff and I have struggled with seeing the difference and we do believe in continuing to support those things that regardless of your circumstances you need to show respect and honor those in your family. 

 Recently however as I see friends children fighting for their  lives, literally, and I am scolding mine for not making his bed, or picking up his things, or not putting a napkin in his lap……I am sobbing as I think that if he were not here anymore who cares about those things. 

 We raise our children believing they will be around long after we are gone thus we want them to have good manners, good behavior, strong beliefs, strong ethics, strong convictions, get along with others and have fun.

With the burden of not knowing or the fear that this might not come to pass I struggle with the discipline when really I just want to hug, laugh, smile, joke, run, play, and laugh and hug some more.


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