Rear View Mirror

Throughout our journey I would say to Larry there is a reason the rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield……why……because we need to look forward.

He now recites and reminds of this as well when I get down or doubt.

See the best part of the past is just that it is in the past.

We want to bring the BEST of the past forward, not dwell, no linger, and no question.

We want to not worry or fret about how we did last year, last month, or yesterday.

Yesterday is gone, Today is all we have, Tomorrow is a promissory note.

Instead each day we must focus forward on our new destination and design the best map to navigate, steer, step on the gas, slam on the breaks, turn, turn, and turn…….believe me you will enjoy the journey !

Don’t pull over and just look side to side and stall out

You can pull over, re navigate or as Sylvia tells me: recalculating… can refuel, and you can even turn around….when you do remember you are not really going back to where you came from …it is still new each time you visit.

We are going to daily blog about our rear view mirror and our BIG front window.

We are going to navigate through this thing called Life.

We hope you will continue to join us.


“no matter how passionate you are about whatever it is your are doing, you will inevitably have times that you feel like you are in over your head. You will get tired. You will feel like giving up. So when it happens, don’t be surprised; it is part of the journey? Lisa Hammond




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