How traveling has changed ! Not just the overall change in traveling with new security; baggage fees, no food, smaller seats, longer wait times, no control, but with me it has changed for me personally.


When I was in  my 20/30s I so enjoyed traveling. I was what they call today a road warrior and I prided myself on this fact with my platinum status, mileage plus, jumping on flights for just a night and truly enjoying seeing the world all while working.

Once I was married and with the kids the travleing became less and less exciting especially with the changes in the industry and security. That being said I still truly love it.

I have not traveled alone in 2016 for an extensive trip until now. It was interesting because the kids did not want me to leave. They went on an on about how 6 days 5 nights is just too many. They had to drive me to the airport.

As we drove there was tension in car with me ‘controlling’ the schedule while I would be away, feeling the pull, feeling some guilt in leaving….I believe it is the same feeling that most seniors have as they begin to let go and move on thus some unkindness is used to make leaving that less hurtful. We pull up the curb…everyone gets out and hugs me individually and as group as if I am leaving for a very long time. No tears but lots of emotion.

As I walked into the airport it was if I was flying for the first time, leaving the first time and yet this overwhelming feeling of love as well was surrounding me.

Making every day count is the matra and today I ripped the band-aid a bit too strongly yet my little family knows I love them, cherish them, and would do anything for them. They also know I have high expectations for them, believe in them, and have very strong faith.

I flew with a new confidence and conviction that this is what I do need to be all that I am for them….without guilt.


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