Emotional or logical

I heard an interesting thing in the last couple weeks: do you approach things logically or emotionally ? The more I just thought about that I definitely approach things specifically based on the circumstances….if it have to do with my kids emotionally for sure. This is something I need to work on but with everything we been through, especially if it has to with Larry, I really do attack it emotionally.

Let me give you an example, with his Make-A-Wish, it’s been a very long process to lead to an amazing experience that we are all so much looking forward. That being said we’re here at that crunch time and getting tickets booked, etc. All of sudden I am called and the passports expired!
I must kick into something that I don’t do every day, renew the kids passports. For some this may be a standard issue however for my emotional side I try to figure out how to expedite the passport request.

I waste a lot of time. I try just Google passport but you couldn’t expedite passport. I talk to friends and think I understand what to do and am hold forever to set an appointment. I’m like wait we can just do it at the post office so after three different drives to the post office on Cherry Bell we finally got the passports renewed and it’s still going to take them up to three weeks to get those passports back what happened in that process

You literally have to prove number one that we are the parents so we had to have their birth certificates
number two that we are who we are so both parents have to be present with the child that you’re getting the passport for
number three each parent have their drivers license information and
number four you also have to have obviously the pictures of the kids and the old passport as well as all the passport information filled out as well

Again every time I had to go back (3 times with Jeff and kids) I took it personally thinking somehow I did it wrong somehow I am in emotionally as well the only reason we are going on this trip is because of Larry in the condition and having to admit all of that him and then feeling like an adequate not being able to get them when I get done and again logically though it’s it has nothing to do with that is not anything to do with the emotion whereas had I thought logically this is the law, this is to protect my children, and this is simply a small inconvenience for a huge blessing.

The passports have arrived, we are all set, and as Jeff reminds me regularly it all worked out just maybe not exactly the way you envisioned.
Blessings to logic.

Yesterday, counts were up a bit to 1597. Larry was a GREAT mood coming off spring break and being completely dressed in green.

We are blessed by an uneventful visit and I pray for additional faith that it will all work out just maybe not exactly the way I envisioned.


2 thoughts on “Emotional or logical

  1. Totally emotional! Last year, we took Colt to our local Bigfork, Montana post office to get his passport. They told us that they needed his birth certificate – not a copy. We were in MONTANA. His birth certificate was in Tucson. The whole reason why we went to the Montana post office was because we thought that it would be easier to process and we were all in the same place at the same time. Frustrating. Anyway, I got it worked out days later but it was still emotional.

    Enjoy & have fun!


    Kimberly A. Clements
    Golden Eagle Distributors, Inc.
    (520) 882-1500 ext 1269

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