2 years ago today………

Caroling this year

TWO YEARS AGO TODAY we started this BLOG

What a journey. We are in maintenance now but as many of you have called, text-ed, emailed and smiled upon us today I am compelled to post the post from 3 years ago that began our journey. We didn’t know what we know now.

Thank you for your prayers, text, love, compassion, and friendship. We are stronger because of you. We are healthy because of you.

Here is the post that started the journey…..now to the final post on 4/18/2015. Thank you for being a part of the process.

At 9am yesterday morning, December 28th, we found out that Larry has Leukemia.

The doctors at the Diamond Children’s Center will do a biopsy on him today after two blood transfusions and two series of antibiotics.   They will also do a spinal tap and input his chest port that he will have for at least 4 years.

How did we get here?  It started last Wednesday night after caroling in the neighborhood.  Tiana and Larry went home early, Larry had a fever of 102.5 at about 11pm.  He had been getting hot at night and when he woke up in the AM was fine.  He stayed home for Christmas eve with the Ronstadt’s and had a great Christmas morning and day with family.

Monday, Tiana called the pediatrician and got Larry an appointment for the next day, (yesterday) at 3pm, after gym camp and golf camp.   He had been running low grade fevers for a week or so and we thought he was just having a tough time shaking a virus.  But Tiana was insistent that he have a blood test to make sure.

At 10 pm Tuesday we got the call that everyone dreads.  Larry’s pediatrician called and said we have to take him to University Medical Center right now.  Larry’s red and white blood cell counts were alarmingly low.

We woke him up and I drove him to the hospital where I met my Dad. Tiana stayed home with a sleeping Mia.  They took some more blood to verify the original results and also to run a culture to start ruling things out.  Which brings us to 9 am yesterday morning.

Thank you all for your prayers, texts, phone calls, emails and visits.  Tiana and I will be updating this blog frequently as we know what is going on.

Again, Thank you for your prayers and keep them coming.

Larry is in God’s hands and we are hopeful that he wants him to be with us for a long time.

How can you help? Right now prayers. Here is one website we have had shared:


Once we know the type of Leukemia we will know his treatment schedule, prognosis, and timeline. We then will need LOTS of help with LOTS of things.

In the meantime please donate blood, sign up to be a bone marrow donor, donate to Diamond’s Children s center or sponsor a runner for Leukemia in team in training.

We know how much each of you care, support, and love us. We are so grateful !


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