Finding Joy

Today as I drove the kids to school I noticed other kids and their exchanges with their parents.

some hugged

some yelled

some didn’t even look back

some skipped

some smiled

some shuffled

some danced

What I found is that those that were positive were the kids and those that were negative were us, the parents. As a MOM, I hope that I equipped my kids as I say each day at drop off

Make it the best Larry day you can be

Make it the best Mia day you can be

meaning be the BEST You can be

why don’t we try as parents to try to be the BEST we can be too

they are only kids for such a short time and your life is short as well

make every day count


Bring the BEST of the past forward

As we think about our life, what do we tell ?

Who do we tell and how do we tell our story?

1/2 full or empty, blame or thank or neither, success or failure or neither

What is your story and how do you tell it ?

I find it interesting how folks answer basic probing questions and how they respond utilizing the above ideas.

When we think about what you have brought forward to tell and how you are telling your own story……how’s it going ?

What are you leaving out ? Is it too hard? Is it too embarrassing? Is it right where it needs to be…… the past…..

There is no right or wrong since it is your story but be sure you are telling the best version.


You cannot land on the runway behind you ….

When I am on an airplane about to land, I realize I cannot see in front of me.

The pilot is the only one who knows how much runway we have left on which to land.

He takes advantage of that information, while those of us seated in the back can only wonder.

In life, we do not know how much runway of life we have left.

This reminded me that during our Larry cancer journey the experts: counselors, doctors, oncologist, etc., all only gave us enough information each time to keep us flying. Meaning they believe to know the landing pattern and the flight plan however they too don’t know how much runway on which they will land thus they only tell you what you need to know when you need to know it.

At times I became frustrated with this but was reminded that they, like the pilot, know the choices up ahead and they need to in a way protect me, just like the pilot doesn’t let us in.

We must trust those that are in the cock pit: whether  it is our doctor, attorney, insurance agent, financial consultant,  clergy, or……… there are times we cannot ‘know it all’ we must simply trust.

My trust is bigger in God, Jesus Christ, and I do believe that HE does know my runway.

I sure hope I am on the right flight plan to mamimzie His plan for my life.


This is a tough topic. 

When Larry was first diagnosed I consulted a friend who’s son had been through our journey and was thriving, how did she handle discipline? She simply answered, we didn’t. 

 It is so hard when you have a child on daily chemo with crazy side effects: sleepless nights, no eating, eating like crazy, bed wetting, foot pain, foot and hand numbness, and emotions that run the range from crying to anger to fear.

Then when they do something that warrants discipline……….you debate is this the chemo, side effect, manipulation, or actually disobedience. 

 Jeff and I have struggled with seeing the difference and we do believe in continuing to support those things that regardless of your circumstances you need to show respect and honor those in your family. 

 Recently however as I see friends children fighting for their  lives, literally, and I am scolding mine for not making his bed, or picking up his things, or not putting a napkin in his lap……I am sobbing as I think that if he were not here anymore who cares about those things. 

 We raise our children believing they will be around long after we are gone thus we want them to have good manners, good behavior, strong beliefs, strong ethics, strong convictions, get along with others and have fun.

With the burden of not knowing or the fear that this might not come to pass I struggle with the discipline when really I just want to hug, laugh, smile, joke, run, play, and laugh and hug some more.

Rear View Mirror

Throughout our journey I would say to Larry there is a reason the rear view mirror is smaller than the windshield……why……because we need to look forward.

He now recites and reminds of this as well when I get down or doubt.

See the best part of the past is just that it is in the past.

We want to bring the BEST of the past forward, not dwell, no linger, and no question.

We want to not worry or fret about how we did last year, last month, or yesterday.

Yesterday is gone, Today is all we have, Tomorrow is a promissory note.

Instead each day we must focus forward on our new destination and design the best map to navigate, steer, step on the gas, slam on the breaks, turn, turn, and turn…….believe me you will enjoy the journey !

Don’t pull over and just look side to side and stall out

You can pull over, re navigate or as Sylvia tells me: recalculating… can refuel, and you can even turn around….when you do remember you are not really going back to where you came from …it is still new each time you visit.

We are going to daily blog about our rear view mirror and our BIG front window.

We are going to navigate through this thing called Life.

We hope you will continue to join us.


“no matter how passionate you are about whatever it is your are doing, you will inevitably have times that you feel like you are in over your head. You will get tired. You will feel like giving up. So when it happens, don’t be surprised; it is part of the journey? Lisa Hammond



Scarred Beautiful

I have had the privilege and the honor to be interviewed by Andrea Smith the author, creator, dreamer, believer, and overall amazing women that has created this movement.

I hope you will be inspired and look at your scars as beauty marks that show healing, kindness, history, and love.

Here is mine:

As I see it all scars start as a gash and slowly we heal. Some are noticeable, visible while others we never see but we can ‘see’ they are there. Be open to sharing your scars. Be open to sharing your story.

Bless you.




Long Term Survivor

We never thought or dreamed of these words being part of our Larry’s life but they are and we are grateful !

We just learned that TODAY is the DAY that marks 2 years post Chemo, remember the big party we had and many of you celebrated with us at the Children’s museum marking his final chemo, thus he is termed a LONG TERM SURVIVOR !

Larry will be celebrating every day this year in little ways. Our hope is that you too will simply celebrate in your way and in your own life.

There are not many times that we simply celebrate. We would encourage you to today just celebrate LIFE. Celebrate those that you share your home with. Celebrate those that you share your work with. Celebrate those that you share your neighborhood with. Celebrate with those that you share your life with.

Watch for future announcements of up coming celebrations as we continue our journey living to the fullest !